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Why in 2016 choose a specialized technical expert when the litigation originates from a curtain wall or other engineered glazed products like glassroof ?

Techniques involved today are very different than those which have been studied only ten years before and the gap is a huge one.

In response to requests from insurers in this specialized field I created specific tools and techniques for testing and investigating in a wide variety of construction products.

Glass which is widely used in these constructions is also an amazing material with his own defects and failings which baffle a non-specialist.

I am often involved with claims, insurance claims and disputes involving leakage in the building envelope, failure of building envelope components (such as glass breakage, leaks and sealant failure), or detachments and falling windows .

I have over 35 years experience in construction, consulting, contracting, laboratory and field testing, investigations, insurance claims and expert work.

I am specialized in windows, glass, mirrors, curtain walls, entrances, skylights, panel systems, louvers, shades, technical glazing, sealants and similar architectural products.

Drawing upon my experience as a former controller, I am able to ascertain the codes and standards most applicable to a given matter, address with authority industry practices not necessarily published, and can evaluate technical solutions for the most cost effective resolutions.


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CV Erick Paquet curtain wall expert



  • adhesive failure on structural glazing
  • insulated glass unit (IGU) seal failure
  • moisture condensing within IGU's cavity
  • diagnosis of causes in a glass breakage
  • foil delamination on laminated glass panels
  • optical distortions, wave-like pattern in resin laminated glass
  • weld or grinding spatters on glass

We know how to treat glass that has been damaged by weld splatter, when metal has been burnt into glass as a result of grinding, welding or cutting in close proximity to glass.

Air and water leakages

  • on windows : metal, timber, UPVC
  • on curtain walls
  • on glassroofs and conservatories

Shades, louvres, venetian blinds and shutters

  • motorized venetian blinds breakages or failure
  • malfunctioning on integrated blinds within IGU's cavities
  • window shade collapses

Window hardware

  • falling windows
  • tilt and turn malfunctioning
  • window fittings breakages

The window fittings can break. This can cause the window to collapse, posing an injury hazard to consumers.


  • compliance with standards
  • excessive frame bending or buckling
  • collapsing
  • anchor sliding or displacement
  • toughened glass breakage on shower doors and enclosures
  • leakages on roof-integrated solar panels